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Leave it all in our hands and take the stress out of the shipping & packing process. 


Packaging Fulfillment

This is the name of the game. We specialize in getting your products in the right packaging to be retail-ready.

Shipping & Coordinating

We work with your company every step of the way in coordinating. We take pride in making this process seamless.

Product Labeling

Co-Packing & Contract Packing can assist in eliminating this role from your company and leaving it to our experienced team.

About Care-Metix

What sets Care-Metix apart from the pack is our humanity. The foundation of our productivity starts upon our communication with our treasured clients. We have a small, family-like, team equipped with the technology to keep you updated throughout your packing process. A recent upgrade to our new facilities has only made the process even more efficient.

We work diligently to better serve our clients with on-time, beautifully displayed product. We work with vendors & manufacturing companies to keep the best deals for all of our collective clients. 

A Truly Innovative Approach

Every day is just as much an experiment as it is a work day. We’ve been working out the kinks in our process for many years and we continue to do so. Through data collection & analysis, we are able to make our quality output higher every day. You can expect to hold us to our high standards through your entire experience. 


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